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Customized Intuitive Council Nourishing
...because you’re worth it
Valuable...because you’re worth it
Personalized...because you’re worth it
Soul Guide ~ Graell Corsini, Soul Counselor, Priestess of the Goddess,
Lifetimes of Wisdom harvested ready to share, International Workshop Leader, Birth Attendant, Author, and Temple Raiser.

In Person/Skype/Telephone/E-mail sessions available
"There are really no words to describe the profound service that your life has brought to the planet, as a whole, and to our teeny tiny so so powerful puddle of Ashlantis. You continue to expand and inspire me, thank you for being both the Grace and the Guru and continuing to dance thru the Mystery with wild abandon. I love you" ~Keval Bliss
Sliding Scale $155-222 per hour

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