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~ On the Goddess Temple grounds ~



Lunar Lammas- ShaAshlantia Tribe!!!
The Full Moon closest to Lammas,
Stay posted to our fb page for Date TBA
Join us in the Ancient Community
Outdoor Ritual and Celebration of the First Harvest!
~You are invited to join us in revelry to honor the
Celtic Cross Quarter Holy Day of Lughnasadh!
We shall Celebrate community connection and
what prayers have born fruit!
Music and Pixie Folk Dancing
Potluck Style Banquet
Faery Fan Faire
Eat, Drink & Bee Merry!
Find the banquet tables at the Goddess Temple Sanctuary betwixt 
Apple Island and the Faery Ring.
Dress Fabulously! 
Bring local Mead, your place setting and a delicious dish  
to share, preferably harvested from your garden!
Please leave pets with a caring friend at home.
This is an amazing opportunity to experience
a Pagan community in action.
We LIVE this way, and we WELCOME
you to fully engage in this Celebration!
Every helping hand is a Gift to the Goddess!
If you cannot come but want to make an offering
Donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated!
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