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Faery Ring

Standing Stone Circle

Four standing stones and four altars create a magical portal into to the Faery Realm at our beloved Goddess Temple grounds.


This teaching and ceremonial seasonal wheel holds the cross quarter holy days at the stones, and the cardinal directions hold the sacred elements of earth, air, fire, and water, shared with the Equinox's and Solstices. 


Priestesses and Knights of the Goddess grace each altar during our community rituals, anointing and blessing participants as they traverse round the circle of power.


Beneath the four standing stones, are bones, stones, leaves, twigs, earth, and water from ancient sites around the  British Isles gathered by Graell and her family.


Reservations are possible for your group to receive a Ceremonial Blessing or a personal Dedication Ceremony. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Unwinding of your Marital Vows, Baby Blesssing, New Beginnings, and so much more! Please contact Priestess Graell 541-601-8983

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