Join us in the Ancient 
Outdoor Ritual and Celebration of Divine Union!
a gathering that includes
mystical music, enriching playshops, magickal ceremony, and transformative dance
~You are invited to 5 days
of Learning & Love for the Land and Her People~

April 28 
*DAY 1- Moon Codes*
11am-9pm: Goddess Temple Wombcentric Activities Including:

~Water Immersion Ritual

~Red Tent Circle

~Dance of the Magda

~ Moon Codes Sharing

April 29
*DAY 2- Sun Codes* 
11am-9pm: OAK Temple Maypole Activities Including:

~ Sacred Fluids Transmission

~Building Sacred Fire

~~~Drum Circle
 ~Sun Codes Sharing

April 30
*DAY 3- Co-Creation*
11:30am-Dark: Preparation!

We will be prepping the Goddess Temple Sanctuary for the community ceremony!

Please come prepared to work. We shall prepare all the Beltane Altars, Royal Throne, Vulva, Yoni Wreath, Oatcakes, Decor, Sacred Fire, Maypole Ribbons, Welcome Gate, & Processional Choreography

*Womyn: bring sheets (preferably with lots of lovemaking
memories & moon blood on them) & sewing kits to create ribbons & more.
*Men: bring your essence to harvest the pole and carve....
hammer, nails, saw, carving tools, and drill with screws are always appreciated! 
There will be loads to build.


May 1
*DAY 4- Divine Union*
3-10pm: Ceremonial Community Celebration Including:

~Elemental Blessing

~Sacred Fire

~Ritual Theatre & Dance

May Queen and King Coronation

~Maypole Dance 
~Wild Tribal Medicine Dance

May 2
*DAY 5- Integration*

1-4pm: Breathwork, Meditation, and Sound Healing
4-5pm: Community Care, Clearing, and Clean Up

PURCHASE TICKETS at the Door or pre-sale for groups: contact Graell 541-601-8983

Credit Cards and Cash gratefully accepted, Partial Worktrade options available 

$55 for 5 day event pass/$20 per day ~funds support the Goddess Temple and OAK Temple

plus $25 per day for camping and WellSprings Spa

Food available at WellSprings Cafe, Black Acorn Catering, and at the Potlucks

We LIVE this way, and we WELCOME you to fully engage
in this 5 day celebration!
This is an amazing opportunity to experience
a Pagan commUnity in action.
*At the Goddess Temple of Ashland....
perk up your elvyn ears to find us in the Sacred Back Meadow.
All Attending:
Please bring fresh flowers, organic fruit,
food & water to share, instruments, festive clothing,
fire wood, & offerings for the Faeries.
~Please leave pets with a caring friend at home.~
~Every helping hand is a Gift to the Goddess!~
~If you cannot come but want to make an offering
Donations are welcomed and greatly appreciated!~
Contact: Graell 541-601-8983