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The Goddess Temple is honored to join a very long lineage of stewards who have maintained the sanctity of the holy healing waters that upwell from the heart of the Mother here at the Wellsprings. The Mikvah, or ritual immersion pool, has been created where the warm healing waters come directly from the earth.  These waters, long held sacred and protected by centuries of indigenous tradition and devotion, are now also kosher and open for Jewish Mikvah ceremony, as well as other personal, religious, or spiritual ceremonies of baptism, rebirth, ritual cleansing, and immersion.   


You are welcomed to craft the ritual that is most meaningful to you.  If you desire the assistance or guidance of a priestess of the temple, this is available on a donation basis.  



541-601-8983 to discuss your ceremony, date and time,


RENTAL FEE : $72.00 PER PERSON paid upon arrival

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