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The Moon Lodge and Red Tent at the Goddess Temple of Ashland are dedicated to sheltering and nurturing the sacred cycles and power of each woman’s lunar rhythm and

Midwifing the Veils of life's 9 major thresholds:

Childbirth, First Blood, Divine Union, Marriage, Parenting, Divorce, Sovereignty, Death, & Rebirth























(To be clear, it is not a traditional First Nations Native American Moon Lodge,

which honors specific tribal protocols and is designed as a respite at bleeding time. 

We honor all phases of the cyclic, monthly female experience.)

We hold 2 structures for this transformational work, a tipi Moon Lodge, and a Red Sky Shelters Red Tent. There is also an outdoors altar to pour your sacred mead onto the land. 


By walking this Path of Sacred Living, we begin to remember the lost language and culture of the Female Way that lives within each of us. We meet each New Moon to shed what no longer serves from the last moon cycle and claim what we are calling forth. A circle of Fire Guardians hold sacred prayer and help transmute our heart requests at the Fire while we are in the Red Tent structure in Water ceremony.


By nudging and allowing the primal womb wisdom of our Sacred Feminine to wake and surface, we not only heal ourselves, but allow the Feminine aspects in the world to be seen.

This is important work for all of us right now.  

You are welcome at any time of the month to visit and experience this primal phenomena.



On the Sacred Road of Womanhood

May you be free to be your authentic self,

May you be strong and gentle,

May you be empowered and loving.

May your body always be a blessing to you,

A sacred grove of love and pleasure. So care for your body

As you would care for a beautiful garden.


Your womb brings forth new life,

Remember, you have the power

To open or close the gates of life in your garden.

Therefore you have the responsibility

To be a conscious gardener.

Open to the embrace of love

When you find the one,

Who is truly deserving.


The one who respects and honors you and your Moon time,

a partner that holds you, your heart, and your yoni

as a precious blossoming flower that deserves the highest love and appreciation.


You are Welcome to visit our Moonlodge and Red Tent

 and shed what no longer serves, and claim what does.


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