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Celtic Cross Quarter Fire Festival honoring


Goddess Bridget

Although the Temple is at rest during the holy day of Imbolc, it certainly doesn't mean we do not celebrate the great Goddess of Fire and Holy Springs.


We are living upon the land of Sulphur Water AKA Fire~Water,

and warm mineral Springs that surround us on over 30 acres.

This is a Temple of the Sun and Moon in many ways, complete with a Wombcentric Temple and a Men's OAK Temple, in an Oak Grove containing a grande fire pit on site.

The Fire and Water is consistently being worked with and discovered on many psychological and esoteric levels within our community. 

Brigid, Bride, Bridie, Brigantia, all names of the powerful Goddess of the British Isles, is held very dear to the heart of Temple Founder, Graell Corsini. It is Celtic Bridget and Hindu Ganesha who directly guided her to the WellSprings to raise the Goddess Temple of Ashland. 

Please visit our Faery Ring January 31, February 1, and February 2 to bring your offerings to Her altar and celebrate Imbolc in your own sacred way.


We welcome your creativity and trust in your inclusiveness 

to the community at large. 

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