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Midwifing the Veils

an annual immersive training in the Priestess Arts of the

9 major thresholds of life

Priestess Graell, Priestess Laura, Graell Corsini, Laura Carmody, Goddess Temple of Ashland, Midwifing the Veil, Priestess Training

We are calling upon an impeccable and dedicated group of 22 wombyn, motivated to deepen into these Primal Priestessing skills and to bring the sacred to life's major thresholds.

We have merged Midwifing the Veils into the annual Priestess College curriculum.


Midwifing the Veils is an immersive training in the Priestess Arts, and an initiation into what it truly means to be in service as a Guardian of the Gateways and Keeper of the Thresholds. Thru this training, you will learn and receive tools to Priestess, attend, and support these very real Gateways of Life. 

This immersive 22-day training will delve into 9 of life's most

sacred gateways:

1. Childbirth

2. First Blood

3. Divine Union

4. Marriage

5. Parenting

6. Divorce

7. Sovereignty

8. Death

9. Rebirth

This training is held by Goddess Temple Pillar Graell in hope that all participants will fully engage in these practices and return to share their wisdom at the Goddess Temple of Ashland

thruout their blossoming lives.

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