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First things first……relax and allow a feeling of homecoming to draw you to the temple.  There is nothing you have to do, or be, or believe, to be welcome here.  
Regardless of the name or form, there is no question that you have known the
presence of the Feminine Divine in your life, so...welcome home!​



  Coming to the temple in a state of receptivity will allow you to drink much more deeply.


  Reverence is important.  Reverence is simply the willingness to acknowledge that there is a mystery present that you may or may not understand.


  You are welcome to pray or worship in whatever way your heart or your tradition has taught you to, although we do ask that within the temple dome, and when in the presence of others, that you be mindful of the shared space, and keep your volume relatively low.  (For instance, loud, exuberant chanting of hymns is probably more appropriate for the open fields or other areas on the sacred grounds surrounding the Temple Dome.)


 Mutual respect is important.  What if you encounter a tradition that isn’t yours, an experience that was unexpected, or a person who is different from you?  Can you see this as a gift, can you extend spacious compassion, and perhaps even be enriched by the contact?  


Allow curiosity to guide you a bit – perhaps your divine has hidden itself

in a place you never expected.


Take care of yourself.  When you enter the temple grounds, it is assumed you do so with total responsibility for yourself, and your own safety.  


Be aware of where you step, be mindful of your needs to eat, to drink, go outside, be inside, rest, have personal ritual, connect with others, or remain deeply internal.


Consider bringing an offering of some kind.  This isn't a requirement, but it can create a sense of reciprocity and sacred approach that will deepen your experience.  Offerings can be candles, food to share, monetary donations, berries you picked on the way in, art you've created, a prayer you've written.......or any offering of Beauty that inspires you and helps you feel connected to the cycle of abundance that is Life. Our temple is sustained by these gifts and Seva~selfless service.


Contact us if you have questions, would like a tour, or would like assistance with creating a personal ritual or retreat: Graell 541-601-8983


of Sanctuary & Temple 

The Goddess Temple of Ashland expresses herself as an elemental temple, honoring the medicine of the Seasonal Wheel.


Through respect for the landscape and our selves, the Temple Dome and Sanctuary rests each year after Samhain and reblossoms at Spring.


This is a sustainable model that gifts us the opportunity to fully engage and embody into the alignment of the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.


Many of our Temple Melissae travel to share their inspiration received while Serving, and others choose to go into a deep introspective journey gestating what is stirring to be born anew in the coming year.

The temple is in full swing for the year from the end of April to the end of October! Sign up for our newsletter (pink button above) to stay up-to-date with our offerings.

If you would like to get involved with the temple this season, please reach out to Graelynn


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