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​The temple dome is nestled on the back ceremonial grounds of the Jackson Wellsprings, on the outskirts of downtown Ashland.  This land has been revered for centuries as sacred land, a place where First Nations tribes would gather to share in the healing waters.  All arms and battles were laid down so that all could gather in this place of peace.  Much has changed over time, but we are honored to be part of a very ancient lineage of stewards who have nurtured and cultivated the sacred Presence of these lands and waters.  

Since we first sanctified the temple dome as a community in 2010, the growth and fertile beauty of this land has been tremendous.  The temple is surrounded by gardens - the Tree of Life medicinal herb garden, crescent moon gardens, and the seasonal wheel garden.  The Moonlodge Tipi is tucked away beside the temple, dedicated as a space of shelter and education for women and the mysteries of menstruation.  We participate as stewards of a Mikvah, or ritual immersion pool, that has been established behind the temple.  This absolutely exquisite pool, landscaped with gardens and stonework, is one of the only Jewish Mikvah pools in the country that is available for use by other traditions or personal ceremony.  

Dragonflies, red tailed hawks, deer, several species of snake and even the occasional bear are our companions.  Apple Island, a small island created by the streams that run through the property, is the lovely and quietly special sanctuary beside the temple, complete with gardens, apple tree, Bear Woman, and a healthy population of very vocal bullfrogs.  The Faerie Ring, a sacred circle anchored at the cardinal directions by wood and at the cross-quarters by standing stones, is a place of meditation, ceremony, and dancing under the sky.  

Nearby, the outdoor amphitheater, complete with professional lighting and sound, offers ample opportunity for ritual theater, festival gatherings, and celebration.  An outdoor kitchen serves when needed, as travelers or pilgrims camp nights in the great Lodge or other tipis in the meadow.  The Jackson Wellsprings features camping, sauna, steam room, swimming pool, soaking tubs, and outdoor Casbah.

A visit to the temple can be as multi-dimensional as you wish it to be - there are ample opportunities to luxuriate in the simple elegance, the rich nature, the healing waters, and the prayerful sanctuaries tucked away in nooks and crannies all throughout the grounds.  





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