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The Goddess Temple of Ashland is a sanctuary for reverence and nurturance of the  feminine divine in ALL.   We embrace omnifaith understanding​, we welcome all genders, sexual orientations, and ages,

we strive to be a place and community of the

respect, love, and sanctuary that is deserved by

all children of the Great Mother.  

You are welcome here.  

The temple is located on the back 

ceremonial grounds of the Jackson

Wellsprings, where the temple community

currently stewards the land, ritual

immersion pool, and hillside.  Woven into

the seasons and the cycles of the landscape,

the temple opens for visitors in the spring of

each year, thrives and ripens throughout summer,

settles in autumn, and then closes for rest and

renewal through the winter months.  Temple altars change with the cycles of the

seasons,  inspired by the natural world, the colors and particular qualities of the many seasons of life.  The interior of the temple dome is kept icon free, so that all traditions and all people can feel welcomed to pray in their own way.  


The temple grounds, surrounding the temple dome, are graced with herb and flower gardens, a seasonal wheel garden, altars, Moonlodge tipi, Mikvah ritual immersion pool, stone circle, and countless places of sanctified beauty.   


The Goddess Temple is a place of deep nourishment, quiet reflection, prayer, meditation, rest, connection with Mother Earth, and subtle attunement for your spirit.  We hold it to be true that the divine feminine is a Presence that lives in everyone, both men and women, and in the shared mystical experiences within every religious tradition.  Once more, we welcome you!

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