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Men – you are welcome to come into the temple and drink deep of the

loving nectar, the subtlety, and the life force that are your birthright and

a part of your own nature.  Come and fill your cup, rest, be honored here,

be accepted as you are.


Men – you are also welcome to serve the temple as guardians, protectors,

and illuminated warriors, sheltering the temple, chopping wood, serving the

priestesses as they strive to know themselves and care for others, and radiating the

golden presence that you are.


HEART OF THE TEMPLE. Please respect with every ounce of your being. 


The Goddess Temple of Ashland is devoted to the balance and holy interdependence of the sacred marriage within and without.   Most of the ceremonies and events we host are inclusive of both men and women.  We do also honor the need for women and men to gather in separate circles to strengthen through events and ceremonies that are either women-only or men-only.  If you have an ongoing men’s circle and would like to reserve a space to hold one of your regular meetings in the temple, or even supported by priestesses of the temple, please contact us!  

One of the first questions we’re invariably asked is “are men allowed in the temple?” It has been a great joy and a very intentional choice for us to dispel the preconception that a Goddess temple must by nature exclude men. The truth is QUITE the opposite. Men are welcome in the temple, men are welcome to serve, and we believe men are equal, if perhaps different, vessels of the holy presence.


At the essential core, it’s intention, sincerity, devotion, and true humility that make the difference – not gender. Now and always is the time when the divine feminine upwells and nourishes ALL of creation, not just women. Goddess is first and foremost an indwelling presence that is beyond form and moves through all forms.

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