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Goddess Temple Grounds & Sanctuary 

Learn the intentions, mythology, and magic woven into the Goddess Temple of Ashland.  This walking tour with founder Graell Corsini will be infused with wisdom and humor gathered from 30 years of Priestessing and the raising of three Goddess Temples.


You will discover the Faery Ring, Apple Island, the Gardens, the Temple Dome, the Venus Tea Temple, the Moon Lodge, the Red Tent, the Goddess in the Landscape, the Mikvah Ceremonial Immersion Pool, the Living Willow Lodge, the Amphitheater, and the OAK Temple. 


Through experiencing this tour you will feel the depth of LOVE and service held by our Goddess Temple Melissae who generously offer their time and energy on a daily basis to create a harmonious, peace-filled and inspirational environment for learning, growth and healing. 

Your walk thru will culminate with a ceremonial anointing at our Mikvah, our purification and renewal pool holding the amniotic fluid of the Divine Mother in Nature.

This tour is incredibly inspiring for those planning to raise a Goddess Temple or for those who are steeped in curiosity.

Book your personal or Group Tour for May, June, Sept, or October 

Suggested Donation: $55



Priestess Graell 541-601-8983

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