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Our temple dome is a 24 foot round geodesic dome, with a huge bay window overlooking the creek towards the back, and a covered entryway in the front, with both steps and a ramp for easier accessibility. Use of the dome was generously gifted to the Ashland temple by Asha Deliverance of Pacific Domes. The dome is surrounded by gardens, a stream, frogs, and

Apple Island (a sacred Avalonian grove). 

Inside the temple dome, you’ll find a large altar in the bay window, a hearth, and comfortable space to play music, dance and pray!  Our altar is dismantled and renewed seasonally. Our hearth was handmade in mosaic work that features the sun and moon, the balance of masculine and feminine, by master stonemason Anthony Corsini.

You are welcome to make yourself at home in the temple dome. Spend time quietly at the altar, pile up a bunch of cushions, cozy up and rest, create art to leave on the altar or to take home, read a book, create sacred space for reflection and use the oracle cards for an intuitive reading, meditate, light a candle, pray, ask a temple dancer to dance your prayers for you, talk with the Temple Melissae or whatever nourishes your spirit. 

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