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Goddess Temple Rental Details


For FREE short classes, rental is FREE. 

By DONATION short classes, rental is by DONATION. 


For specific FEE requested Class/Event rental is a specific FEE: 

Goddess Temple Sanctuary 

$55 per hour 

$300 per full day 

$500 per full day and night

        (Any time Morning- Till Midnight) 

        **No group drumming past 10pm

        **Includes Mikvah Rental

Mikvah Rental:

$72 EXTRA (goes direct to Mikvah fund) 



50% non-refundable, yet transferable deposit is due ASAP to hold your reservation. 


Cash preferred. 

     Venmo: @priestess-graell


     *Please write description in your Venmo or PayPal Note. 


We will NOT take responsibility for Lithia Springs event’s sound or WellSpring’s events sound that happens at the same time of your booking. 

We have zero control of neighbouring events. 


We are not responsible for marketing your event

Please include all details when booking with Graell:

         Name of Facilitator(s):


         Time: (start/end)


         Event links: (website, FB event, etc)

         Contact Info: (phone, email)

You are welcome to post your event on Graell Corsini Valendar’s FB page, Goddess Temple of Ashland FB Page, hang fliers at the WellSprings & at the Goddess Temple Back Meadow entrance board.



Your Rental Includes use of all of the Goddess Temple Sanctuary. 

Faery Ring, Apple Isle, Temple Gardens, Fire Circle (only in safe conditions), Honeybee Village, Tipi Moon Lodge, Red Tent, and Dome. 


If you are ONLY using Apple Isle for your concert, wedding, or event, you must book separate with the WellSprings Event Coordinator:


️Your Rental does NOT include: 

advertising, outdoor kitchen, camping, WellSprings soak, sauna, swim, or use of the Mikvah


Specialty Priestesses are available to assist with Fire Tending and Water Ceremony, Sound Healing, Adornment Ceremonies as well as a plethora of other Rituals to support the magnificence of your event. 

Details can be discussed and additional fees vary. 


**Rental Discounts available for GT Melissae and GT Pillars who consistently serve with Seva for the Temple. 


WS camping reservations are made at: 

$25 per person per night, or group camping in large tents at the GT is $13 per person. 

Glamping structures are booked thru the WS. 


There are no flush toilets in the back meadow. The flush toilet and shower is at the Casbah tent attached to the WS pool. 


GT Group Camping rates at the Temple Dome or in Red Tent are a possibility and can be discussed with Graell. 

Price varies depending on number of people and number of people. 


Outdoor Kitchen must be rented thru the WS. 


Sacred Fire rings can only be used by responsible Fire Tenders from start to finish. 


No cars are to remain parked in the Back Meadow. 

Load and Unload only please. 

Please park diagonal on Lithia Springs road. 



This is not a regular rental venue, this is a community Goddess Temple steeped in ancient traditions, Seva, and deep devotion to keep the sustainability intact. 


Goddess Temple General Requests, PLEASE: 

***Leave the Temple Dome and Porch, Red Tent and Her sanctuary even better then you found ~

  • sweep floor, deck, and carpets 

  • no candles ever on the carpets please 

  • candles ONLY in proper holders

  • No tealights on fabrics

  • pillows and chairs returned neatly 

  • lights and all candles distinguished 

  • Fire tender named and held responsible from beginning to end of event

  • safety Water buckets filled next to Fire sources 

  • wood burning Fire out and stove door locked at closing 

  • please restock indoor wood and kindling from outdoor wood pile

  • lock the Dome door

  • please scan sanctuary for random items left behind. 


Please give thanks to this sacred community held space, the Ancestors, the Waters, all creatures and plants upon the land. 


Donations of cash, firewood, incense, candles, spring water, essential oils, crystals, flowers, and lighters from your participants always welcome. 

The Goddess Temple is a registered Oregon church. Not a non-profit organization. We are primarily sustained by generous donations and volunteers.  Extra funds go to Water4LifeGlobal who bring water filters to families in Guatemala. 


Thank you for joining in the sustainability and adoration of our sacred space. 


In Devotion,


Founder and Director 



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