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Goddess Temple Herstory, Traditions and Codes of Honor


The Goddess Temple of Ashland was raised in love and dedication on March 19, 2010 at 1:30pm by a group of 19 practicing Priestesses and many loving volunteers. 


With open and generous invitation, WellSprings Owner, Gerry Lehrburger, welcomed Graell and Tony Corsini to express their artistic devotion and birth their Vision after closing the The Flying Lotus Community Activation Center and AvaSha Goddess Temple of 9 years in Mt. Shasta, CA. 


The Celtic Goddess Bridget and the Hindu God Ganesha were the primary deities that were involved in the Visionary process of choosing the Jackson WellSprings of Ashland for the Goddess Temple to reside. 


After walking the land with Ruth Rhiannon, the back meadow area, close to the Mikvah, was chosen. 

The recognition and honoring of the physical and etheric  Water Temple began to flow in our hearts. 


The Geodesic Dome was gifted by Asha Deliverance of Pacific Domes, and the new skin was purchased by James Twyman. 


Later the Moon Lodge and Red Tent was added, both gifted by Peter Belt of Red Sky Shelters. 


Jumana Sophia joined Graell as a Co-Director for the first 7 years,  and Laura Carmody joined for following 2 years, and Lady Graell  is now primary Director.


Most of the Goddess Temple Sanctuary was covered in blackberries, teasel, thistle, poisonous hemlock and trash. After many workparties and consistent care, the sanctuary has increased in size and added new gardens, or structures to meet the needs of it’s growing community. 


The heart of the area, Apple Island, was Visioned and co-created by HRI member, Paul Andrews, and in 2010, and the Womb of the area, the Mikvah, was created by a large crew of dedicated people, including Gerry Lehrburger, Turtle Tom, Paul Andrews and nephew Jason, David Hummingbird, Will Sears, as well as Saleek, Joseph Crowell, Dan Lapselatta, Rod, and stonework was completed with artistic finishing touches by 

Tony and Graell Corsini  


The Goddess Temple of Ashland expresses itself as an elemental temple in communion with Nature, honoring the medicine of the Seasonal Wheel, resting after Samhain, and reblossoming at Spring. 


With a strong focus on inclusivity, easeful public access, gender fluidity, and circle consciousness, the Goddess Temple celebrates the Celtic Holy Days and honors the Full and New Moons in support of connecting with nature, Women’s menstruation, and the sacredness of community gatherings. 

From 2010, to this date, a Mythic Realm has been cultivated that follows learned (and remembered) ancient traditions, and over many years, it has naturally created it’s own culture. 


In respect and honor of that, and those who have walked before us, we invite you to please familiarize yourself with these Codes that we have joyfully built over time.  


Reblossoming the Temple- Each year we reblossom/reopen the Temple Sanctuary on or close to April 15th. 

Approximately 2 weeks before, we are in Work Parties every day, to clean and clear, garden, repair, organize, and beautify. New Temple Melissae (Volunteers) are honored and a community ceremony is held to celebrate.


Lady’s Night- Each Monday the GT holds a Ladies Only event.


Daily Atmosphere- Each day, the GT is open to the public to come play and pray as thou will at Noon~ish.


Retreats- When Daylong and Weekend-long retreats periodically happen, the GT Dome and Sanctuary are closed to the Public. 


New Moon- Each New Moon the GT holds a Red Tent Ceremony and requests the OAK Temple and Men of the Community to hold a Sacred Fire/Sun Lodge.


Full Moon- Each Full Moon the OAK Temple holds a Drum Jam and, if possible, the GT and Women of the Community hold the Sacred Fire. (of course, Men are welcome to hold the Fire, as well, this is a Union event)


Festivals- The Goddess Temple holds its place amongst the Festivals that occur at the WellSprings. Temple Melissae are scheduled, and often receive free entrance. Temple Melissae are required to be sure Festival attendees camp and park in designated areas, keep the Goddess Temple dome and sanctuary clean and organized, support/assist on Workshops being held in the Dome, Red Tent, or Sanctuary, hold sacred space for all visitors, care the land and water, care for any items that are for sale in the temple or on tables outside of temple dome, distribute (at night) and remove (at morning) small LED lights at night on wood chip path/Apple Island/Faery Ring/GT Deck, and unlock and lock dome door daily. 


Moon Lodge- The tipi Moon Lodge has been in the family of the GT for many years, it was gifted to Graell’s daughter, Deleon, in 1995. When the canvas is up, Women are welcome to paint with their Moon Blood on the inside canvas. Grandma Aggie has visited the land of the WellSprings and the Goddess Temple of Ashland’s Sanctuary many times. We are eternally grateful for her loving kindness to us and her blessings to the Earth’s Waters that flow from the hillside and underground here, as well as her Presence and enthusiastic support at the 2014 raising of our annual Moon Lodge. 


8:8 Lion’s Gate- Each August 8 is the Lion’s Gate Activation Portal where the community gathers to pray, celebrate, and feast at the MagdaLion Cob Oven that was co-created by Tony Corsini and festival artists in honor of the Madgalene and Tony’s daughter, Deleon (the Lion). 


Solstice’s and Equinox’s- The OAK Temple leads all Cardinal Direction Holy Days, with the help/support of the GT Pillars and Melissae.


Cross Quarter Holy Days- The Goddess Temple leads all Celtic Cross Quarter Holy Days, with the help/support of the OAK Temple.


Beltane- Our 5 day Beltane Community Celebration has very specific guidelines. 

Day 1- Daylong Prep Day for Community Ceremony

 Men harvest a standing dead Oak Tree for the Maypole. Women sew bed sheets donated from the community blessed with Sacred Fluids. Maidens create Yoni Wreath for the May Pole Dance, Royal Thrones are set, Outdoor Kitchen is cleaned, May Pole Vulva is dug and set to decorate, Oat Cakes are baked, Cernnunos Mask is hidden (for new royal couple to find), Sacred Fire Circle prepped. Commences with a shared potluck!

Day 2- Community Ceremony

Faery Ring anointing, Sacred Fire Ceremony, King/Queen Hunt, Coronation, Offerings to the Royal Family, Ritual Theatre, May Pole Dance, Faery Ball, Feast, Fire Song Circle

Day 3- Priestess College Alumni offer a variety of Workshops focused on the energy of Beltane. Nightime Concert.


Lammas- The Royal Family of Beltane are requested to hold the Lammas Feast. Tables are set in Banquet style betwixt Apple Island and the Faery Ring. Food preferably harvested from WS and GT gardens, as well as personal gardens is shared and celebrated. 


Samhain- Sacred Fire Ceremony, Elder/Ancestor Honoring, Embodiment, and Ritual Theatre is co-created by Temple Ceremonialists and attended by the public. 


Imbolc- At Imbolc, the GT dome is at rest. People are encouraged to visit the Imbolc Stone in the Faery Ring and make offerings of Milk, Spring Water, and safe candles to the Celtic Goddess Bridget (whom was very prominent in Graell’s Visions to open a Goddess Temple in Ashland). 


Ritual Theatre and Embodiment- The expressive arts that display myth-stories, and enchantment are a powerful teaching tool for self and the community. It is important to have training to understand the power of Embodiment and the necessary tools to support. It is requested that seasoned Priestesses and Knights of the Goddess hold this role. 

Temple Altars-  The Goddess Temple dome main Altar is changed each time the Seasonal Wheel turns. The Temple Altar reflects the colors and feelings of the Season and has never once been the same! Mostly deity and icon free, our Temple Altars reflect the beauty of Nature. 


Sacred Fire- Fires are held by dedicated Fire Tenders. Built, held, and distinguished in a sacred way. Always safety first, and high respect for the magick of Fire Ceremony. 


Water Altars- Mother Pool, Unity Spring, Mikvah, Creeks, and the WellSprings Pools hold their own powerful presence as the amniotic fluids of the Great Mother. Altars are created and tended by Temple Melissae. 

The Mikvah is not to have any statues. Rose Petals are welcome. 


Mikvah/Mikveh- Ceremonial Immersion Pool for purification, renewal, and rebirth at life’s major thresholds. Traditionally a Jewish renewal ceremony. Our Mikvah is also used by the public with the assistance of Goddess Temple Priestesses. Cleaned on Monday’s and prepared in a beauty way prior to each reservation. The GT must be notified when reservations are made, to be sure Mikvah guests are not disturbed by a private retreat, festival, or workshops, and to offer the service of a Temple Priestess. 


Work Parties- Monthly community work parties are called to assist in the sustainability of the GT grounds. Daily Melissae and generous visitors follow a clear list (posted on the dome’s porch) to help with the general upkeep. 


Pillars- a dedicated person claims an area of the Sanctuary to care for from April to November. 


Melissae- a dedicated person chooses daily shifts to care for the GT dome and sanctuary. 


Honey Bee Hives- in honor of the holy pollinators, the GT consistently holds an Apiary. Honey is only collected and used for Ceremony. 


Faery Ring- Raised in honor of the Celtic Wheel and the Native American Medicine Wheel. The Elements hold the Cardinal Directions and the Standing Stones hold the Celtic Cross Quarter Holy Days. A direct Portal to Tintagel (King Arthurs’ Castle and Merlyn’s Cave). 

Stones, Bones, Leaves, Twigs, Feathers, and Waters from ancient sites in the British Isles, collected by Graell, are placed beneath the Standing Stones of the Faery Ring. The same items from the Goddess Temple Sanctuary and Mt. Shasta are placed beneath the Standing Stone Circle Graell and Daygan co-created in Cornwall, UK, linking Tintagel and the WellSprings. 


Diana’s Grove- An Archery Range shared and cared for by the GT and OAK Temple.


Firewood- a monthly request for donated firewood is necessary to keep up our stock. Volunteers from the Jefferson Fuel Committee generously offer a truck load a few times a year. 


Parking- All parking for the GT is on W Jackson Road. Loading and Unloading of heavy supplies is welcome in the back meadow. Disabled Parking is next to the outdoor kitchen/tool sheds with clearly marked signs. 


Harvesting Herbs- Harvesting, bundling, hanging, and receiving of GT Sanctuary herbs is welcome. No harvesting in the WS food and herb gardens please. 


Sisterhood Code- We work consistently on healing the various feminine wounds that tend to distance women from each other. If you are attracted to a Partner or a former Partner of one of the Priestesses, please check in with Her heart before pursuing the relationship. We hold zero tolerance for drama and require direct communication without gossip when/if conflict arises. 


Brotherhood Code- Men are absoulutely welcome to the Goddess Temple, and are requested to refrain from asking for sexual favors, honor Lady’s only events, and to avoid drama created by non-consentual choices. 


Unity Spring- The Spring that has pushed thru the hillside to the left of the Seamana Ampitheatre. Some people choose to drink this water. It has not been tested. The Unity Spring holds the in-between sacred site betwixt the Goddess Temple and Oak Temple. 


GrandMother Spring- The sacred mother pool on West Jackson Road to the right of the entrance to the Back Meadow. This holy water fills the WS hot tubs and swimming pool. This Spring is dedicated to Grandma Aggie who Crossed Over on November 27, 2019. Grandma was a First Nations spiritual Elder of the Takelma and she is the granddaughter of Jack Harney, the first elected Chief of the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz. 

Grandma Aggie visited the WellSprings many times and her spearhead fell into the Grandmother Spring! Laura Carmody and Graell Corsini chanted Akal to the Spring to pray for liberation for all the hearts affected by her death, and to support her Soul’s liberation. Graell heard Grandmother’s request to dedicate the Spring to her on the rising steam of the warm waters. Gerry, Grandma Aggie’s daughter, and her niece approved. 

Each November 27 we sing and drum to the waters in honor of her life. 


GT Relation with the OAK Temple- The OAK temple (with many acronyms i.e. Order of Ascended Knights) was born from the desire of Tony & Graell Corsini and Gerry Lehrburger, primary supporters of the Goddess Temple. The Oak Temple was seeded thru the GT in 2010, and was carried by Robert Wagner till 2014. In 2015 the Oak Temple began to gather and erect in the Oak Grove on the North side of of the Back Meadow. The OT explores, honors, and supports the sacred masculine experience.

Suma Shankara and Xuba Evaristo have been strong threads weaving in and out of the creative aspects of its existence, as well as Vector aka Bell, and Nathan Tinder. Stone work was primarily stacked by Tony, Gerry, and Tiz. 

K-Love, Anu, Soma, Arjuna, and Azatar are all strong supporters, as well as Chelsea Serraino and Ash Martell.

The Goddess Temple is in full support of the OAK temple and acts as a Sister Temple, choosing harmony, with zero tolerance for jealousy and emotional drama. Conflict resolution is brought to the Round Table. 


The Round Table- Created by Knight of the Goddess, Rook, at the home of Graell and Tony in Mt.Shasta, the Round Table was gifted to the Goddess Temple, then given to the Oak Temple, then reclaimed and restored by Suma Shankara, with Visionary Artist, Adam Labrache following the direction of Graell to bring the symbology of the original Round Table of Arthur, and the astrology of the people who will be in counsel, in order to find solution, when questions, conflicts, and concerns arise within the shire of the WellSprings. 

Money- The GT is primarily sustained by donations of material items and cash offered at the Welcome Table’s donation box. All donations go to supplies, equipment, food to share, decor, and hired help. 


Sex- The GT does not supply any sexual favors. 


GT Elder Counsel- A group of Women whom hold their sacred Blood, in or past Moon-Pause, gather weekly for connection, support, and Presence to Serve the community with their innate Wisdom gained. Elder Men whom consistently attend and care for the temple are welcome to join. Crones Nancy, Kim, Peggy, Venita, Samar, Holly, Rowan, Deborah, and Graell are honored to be in circle for this Counsel. 


Priestess College- a growing template for learning the Priestess Arts.

Raw, Brave, and Legendary.

4 In-person Immersions at the Goddess Temple. 


Resting the Temple- The Goddess Temple is an Elemental Temple. Honoring the Seasons, She rests after Samhain, and reblossoms in the warmer time of April. Following the Samhain Ceremony, work parties are called to sift thru all the bins in our Storage (at outdoor kitchen block house), dismantle altars, remove painted signs/prayerflags/tipis/Red Tent, release what no longer serves, and settle into the inner time of Winter. 



All Goddess Temple and WellSprings correspondence~ Graelynn. 

All GT Event Coordination~ Graelynn.  

All Mikvah reservations~ Graelynn

Priestessing, Cleaning, and Caring for the Mikvah~ Graelynn.  

All major decisions regarding the Goddess Temple Dome and Sanctuary~ Graelynn and Gerry.

The Sacred Back Meadow~

HRI Health Research Institute, the non-profit arm of the Jackson WellSprings, LLC holds the Sacred Back Meadow .

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