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 At the Goddess Temple of Ashland

Mythical. Magickal. Medicina for the Heart.

What is your intention? What jewels do you vision receiving from your experience? Are you looking for a private intensive training? Are you in deep need for nourishment? Is it time to be witnessed and dedicate your life to be in Service to the Goddess? 

We will customize and deliver an incredibly power-filled journey for you. Investment varies with individual customized programs. 

"I am so thankful to the temple for the beautiful goddess retreat they created for myself and my dear friend. Over the course of a few days I was completely transformed, as I grew into my true self. We designed the retreat around my needs and around the experiences I was going through at the time, and because of that I was able to really work on the things I needed to in a very intentional way, with the full support of those around me. 


My friend and I stayed at the temple itself (which is GORGEOUS) and had full use of the grounds and hot springs. The energies of the land and of the people made me feel free and lifted, able to dance, sing, and grow in my own way. The community of women around me also provided an abundance of wisdom and guidance throughout the whole retreat. I felt surrounded by love. The ceremonies, the yoga, the personal healing session, the meditations, and all of the lovely conversations were so packed that even though I was there for only a few days, I felt like I had been there for weeks. It was such a personal experience that by the end of it, I felt as if I were leaving my own family.


Now I walk with the awareness of my divine light within, and the divine light of those around me, and I feel completely changed. I truly feel that this retreat has changed my life."         ~ Kathryn

To customize and schedule your retreat, text Graell: (541) 601-8983

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