Private, one-on-one session opportunities to support your growth 



Graell is a Soul counselor, wild woman, and priestess of the Goddess. She embodies her inner elder, Morgana and is able to guide you from an extremely clear and authentic centered space. 

Graell is offering Soul Stream Sessions, 

Private, customized intuitive counsel sessions.  $125 for 90 minutes, appointments are held in person, on Skype, and by telephone. 

Contact:  541.601.8983

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Kim is a Tantrica (student of Tantra) and Sex Educator from Ashland, Oregon. She has extensive experience in Intimacy and Sex Coaching for Women, Men and Couples. She especially delights in sharing and discussing intimate topics that support her sisters in finding more joy, vitality, healing and bliss through the portal of Sacred Sexuality and Self-Love.


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Special offer for the women who attend Priestess Convergence - 

Individual coaching sessions available by appointment.  $125 for 90 minutes.

Sessions are designed with your intimate needs in mind, and may include instruction and use of Jade Egg, Sacred Sexuality exploration or Hands-On Yoni Healing Ceremony. $125 for 90 minutes, appointments are held in Kim’s Temple in Ashland.  

Contact:  541.326.2007


Laura is an Elemental Priestess & Feminine Empowerment Educator with a focus on the Blood Mysteries & Womb Empowerment. Her experience stewarding Red Tent Bleeding Spaces across the country has given her rich experience is tending the transitions of womanhood & holding deep space for others to awaken to the beauty of their blood.

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Individual coaching sessions available by appointment.  $125 for 90 minutes.

Intuitive Womb Healing sessions are guided to assist in integration of our wombs' major passages: Menstrual Blood Adoration, Sex & Intimacy, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Release, Menarche, Menopause, Trauma & Consent Violations, & more. 

Appointments are held either at the Goddess Temple, telephone, or Skype