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Filling hearts, bellies, and pockets

Does your cup runneth over? Do you have the urge to share?

We are fully aware of how much "out there" needs support, and we are doing all we can to heal "in here" so we can assist "out there" from a whole and grounded space.

Please consider researching and supporting these 3 programs that

Priestess Graell Corsini, Priestess Laura Carmody,

and Priestess Allie Sibner

are all in close relation with.

*Menstrual Cup Fundraiser for gifting low-income womyn with

natural Moontime care.

*Water Filters for families in Guatemala

500,000 gallons of clean water, with a filter that only costs $25

*Ramana's Garden Children's Home

A safe sanctuary for children of India

Priestesses Graell, Laura, and Allie are extremely dedicated to making a positive global shift. We often donate a portion of our income to these excellent programs or we sell products purchased by locals in the area to create a win/win economy option to increase the local abundance and add to the donations basket!

Please research on your own or feel free to contact us for more details.

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