Womyn's Night~Lady's Night at the

The WellSprings

Wombyn's Night,  6-8pm

The Monday night ceremonies are hosted by a different priestess each week of the month.  

If you visit the Temple on the 2nd or 4th Monday night, please feel free to create your own ceremony

1st Monday of the Month: Wombyn Dance

The wombyn dance is a subtle/sensuous dance meditation that allows women to explore their true selves thru deep breath/ movement. By paying attention and deep listening to your body’s subtle sensations and awakening your “womb space”, you access your source of wisdom and creation, you connect to the Divine Feminine and the Universe. Connecting Heart/Womb, Earth/ Yoniverse. Weaving together physical, emotional, spiritual and sensual.

This is not a performance dance, but a dance of prayer, intention, connection and healing.


Being part of a safe, sacred circle of women who will support and witness your unfoldment is a loving, and honoring process. It benefits women of all ages, shapes and level of ‘womb knowledge’. No dance experience necessary.

Facilitator Priestess Samar has a background in middle-eastern & modern dance as well visual & performance arts. She’s been teaching art & creative expression in the Rogue valley for over 25 years to students of all ages & abilities.

She is a ceremonialist & women’s circle facilitator for over 25 years. And, has been facilitating the sacred wombyn dance for over 11 years.

3rd Monday of the Month: Be With Mama

"Be with Mama"  is an evening of hosted safe space, for exploring and being nurtured

by the Goddess Temple Elders.