To be a Temple Melissae:

This sacred role of Seva~selfless service~ is ancient and deeply required for the sustainability for the

Goddess Temple.

This calls forth integrity. Actually showing up for what you say you will...

Please be prepared to work





There is a profound energy to hold

as you hold the temple.

Graell has provided an excellent check list that is laminated and visually supportive to ALL that visit the temple, to invite ALL to participate in the

Temple's care. 

Please familiarize yourself with every nook, every corner, every shelf, every drawer, every garden,

every altar of the Goddess Temple Sanctuary. 

ALL of the Sanctuary needs your attention when you are in Service to She. 

Please Contact Graell Corsini with Questions.

541-601-8983 text is best

When she is out of the country

(usually July and August)

please use fb or what'sapp

Please read ALL signs at each area of the Sanctuary so you are able to give proper tours to Visitors and for you to have a deeper understanding of the legacy of our holy grounds. 

We are so incredibly grateful that you have chosen this Path of Sacred Living, 

and we request you attune to the medicine of listening clearly to the Goddess in the Landscape for your communion during your Melissa shift. 

Please be fairwarned:

the Goddess Temple sits upon the sacred waters of SULFUR springs.

Sulfur is from deep within the bowels of the Mother. 

Water reflects.

If you are not willing to look at or deal with your own shit reflected to you, this is not the place for you. 

If you are willing to be radically honest, practice communication skills, engage in conflict resolution and be a SOULUTIONARY....this is the place for you. 

It will stir you, boil you, and scrape you raw. It is INITIATORY.

Please refrain from gossip. 

Please discuss your issues directly with the person you are challenged with.

Please take full and complete responsibility for your actions, choices, and personal attitude. 

Please remember we have been gifted this land to co-create something incredibly unique and magickal, and it is owned and operated by Gerry and Bev Lehrburger with the HRI (Health Research Institute) and WellSprings Events always take priority. 

Lodging, food, and overnight parking is not included in your choice of Serving the Temple. 

We have something really magnificent here, please do every thing you can to keep our relationship healthy with the WellSprings residents, office, garden, event producers, Lithia Springs Resort, Jewish Temples,

First Nations family, and Gerry and Bev.


Thank you for walking the Path of Sacred Living.