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Goddess Temple Retreats

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Moon'day Long Transmissions at the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon!

Liberating the Priestess June 3

Transformation of the Sacred Wife, Nun, and Whore.

Red Tent Priestess Portal July 1

Shed what no longer serves and claim what has always been yours.

Permission September 2

Immerse your being into radical self care.

Practical Priestessing October 7

Resourcing self and community to build a path of sacred grounded connection.

please note! Monday's at the Goddess Temple are Wombcentric events.

The WellSprings holds Ladies Night every Monday.

Pre-Registration Required :

Please put name of retreat in subject line

All require $55 non-refundable deposit/cash, paypal, credit card received

All retreats are day long 10:30am-10:30pm $130/partial work trade doable

Enriching connection, ceremony, and communion included.

Food, spa, camping not included.

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