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Monday and Wednesday

at the Goddess Temple of Ashland

*Complete for the season*


8:30 am: Drumming (optional)

9:00 am: Yoga


Cost: Recommended sliding scale of $10-$12. 

Other forms of payment are welcome - use your imagination!

All are welcome, regardless of ability to pay.


CONTACT: Kim Keller -     541.326.2007;




Kim and the Goddess Temple are excited to offer a bi-weekly opportunity to drop in deeply to your sensual and energetic body through the practice of drumming, yoga, and shared sisterhood.

This is a different type of yoga class than you will find in a yoga studio, designed to experience the fluid and ever changing flow of the Divine Feminine in her many prayerful aspects.  Experience the co-creation of joining your own prayerful practice with the Divine flow and offerings of other women.  

Each morning begins with drumming and moves into deeply sensual yoga.  Oftentimes there may be singing, chanting, laughing, crying, or dancing, and we may be inside or out, but there will always be drumming and yoga.


Both experienced yoginis and beginners are welcome.  


Yoga is said to be the "cessation of anxious thinking," and a direct path to experiencing Oneness.  

Kim believes the physical benefits of yoga are the bi-product of a much deeper spiritual practice of divine Union.   


Kim has been a student of tantra and yoga for six years.  She has studied with numerous western tantra and yoga teachers.  However, her deepest understanding comes from time spent studying yoga in Tamil Nidu, India.  Her desire is to create a community of women who wish to experience the power of prayerful yoginis committed to their own health and wellbeing, as well as the healing of others and our planet.  For more information regarding other intimacy coaching and classes with Kim, you can go to  



Starting in June, Kim will also be at the Temple most Monday’s from 12-5 and available for sharing of Womb Wisdom and Intimacy Guidance.  Kim is a Tantrica (student of Tantra) and Sex Educator, and delights in supporting sisters ways of finding more joy, vitality, healing and bliss.

Sensual Yoga

of the Divine Feminine

                 Come Practice, Pray, and Play ~

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