The Goddess Temple is supported by a devoted community of women and men-

priestesses, guardians, stewards, healers, gardeners..........

men and women of many talents, as well as a devoted and disciplined spiritual practice.


 These people hold ceremony and ritual, tend the gardens, steward the ritual immersion pool, craft the newsletters, build community, and so much more.  The temple has been created and sustained by so many generous (and often anonymous) hearts and hands - we couldn't possibly list them all here, yet, we are eternally grateful.


Founder, Graell Corsini called forth 19 practicing Priestesses to birth the temple into the physical

Spring 2010.

We bow to the 19 who's alchemy was beyond necessary to spark it's life. 

These 19 beautiful Women held an essence in each of them that fueled the silver wand

of Brigit and the graceful power of Ganesha to ignite Graell and Tony Corsini's Vision to it's fullest, and

we are forever grateful. 

Presently Graell directs temple volunteers to weave the threads it takes to sustain the Goddess Temple.


Graell and Laura co-facilitate annual

International Red Tent Priestess Activations and Midwifing the Veils Priestess Trainings

*personal immersion trainings available upon request* 

Graell catalyzed the creation of the temple when she moved to Ashland from Mount Shasta, where she held a thriving Goddess Temple for nine years, the Flying Lotus Community Activation Center and AvaSha Goddess Temple. She is an international workshop leader, Midwife of the Veils, ceremonialist, and creator of Devotional Yoga, Adult Healing Ballet, Midwifing the Veils, and Dance of the Magda.

Graell holds groups on the holy Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, England, has global trainings, and supports others in raising Goddess Temples.

Her Priestess and Knights of the Goddess Guidebooks assist hundreds on the Path of Sacred Living. 



Laura Carmody serves as an elemental Priestess, feminine empowerment educator, & performance artist.  She is passionate about helping people find bliss, beauty, & magick through their menstrual cycles & innate body wisdom. She is the founder of Priestessing the Paradigm Shift, where she facilitates individual Priestess training sessions, transformative group sister circles, & retreats.




Ruth Rhiannon is Mother to our beautiful young ones~ Kayla Rose and Elenor Mae, priestess of the Goddess, temple dancer, classically trained Odissi dancer, yoga teacher, sacred space creatrix, and ceremonialist.  She was a founding member of Dakini Rose Devadasi Modern Temple Dance Company as well as one of the original 19 women called together to help found the Goddess Temple of Ashland.  Ruth assists on many of the Goddess Temple Ritual Theatre events, and is also a brilliant artist of sacred adornments through Ruth Rhiannon Designs feather earrings and adornments. Ruth is our main Temple decorator and chose the location at the WellSprings for our Temple Dome.   She is available to create ritual décor for your events, wedding or ceremony, and also offers seasonal altar installations in homes or businesses. www.ruthrhiannon.com and www.ruthrhiannondesigns.com


Selva Libre, pillars the Mikvah, our sacred pool for Ritual Immersion. 

As a world traveler, she holds the waters of all seven continents in her own body, and thus serves as a physical and energetic bridge for the planetary grid, consciously connecting sacred sites around the world. She has learned from many indigenous wisdom traditions through direct experience as well as lifelong study. She is a devoted servant of the waters, planetary grid worker, elemental priestess of the Goddess, temple dancer, and ceremonialist, she also supports ritual decor and altar creation in the temple. Walking a path of radical authenticity, Selva is a Permissionary, catalyzing others into claiming their unique expression of divinity. 


TaMara McDermott pillars our Sacred Waters at the WellSprings. The womb of the Mother is held within our own waters and the waters of the world. Thru Priestessing the many Springs on site, TaMara bridges the internal emotions of our waters and the amniotic fluid of the great Mother Earth, which brings awareness and settles our inner storms. By connecting these waters, we repair the core Mother wound of separation from SHE. 



Deborah Wilder: Graell's Food Support, Elder Counsel Member

Rosie Amantia: Mother of Graell, Elder Counsel Member

Kim Keller: Intimacy & Sensuality Coach, Temple Melissa, Elder Counsel Member    

Venita Varga: Folk Dancer, Temple, Melissae, Elder Counsel Member

Nancy Kilham: Artist, Elder Counsel Member

Samar Dawisha:  Artist, Sacred Dancer, Elder Counsel Member

Sylverleaf: Hekate Altar Holder, Dancer, Elder Counsel Member

Rowan Vervais: Mother of the 2019 Beltane Queen, Elder Counsel Member

Holly Hubbard: Altar Flower Deliverer, Elder Counsel Member

Ruth Rhiannon: Temple Decorator, Adornments Artist, Dancer, Events Coordinator

Deleon, Kayla Rose, Elenor Mae: Daughters of Graell & Ruth, Temple Assistants to their MOM

Sophia Blanton: Dancer, Decorator, Ceremonialist

Tree Magda: Ceremonialist, Singer

Allie Sibner: Ceremonialist, Singer

Chelsea Phoenix: Fire Priestess

Sativa Lee: Land Faery

Allie McFee: Land Faery, Hormone Nutritionist

Allona Fiero: Fire Priestess, Guardian

Destiny Love:  Musician, Cacao Priestess, Epic Mother of Anjali

Sarah Aasved Ratto: Temple Melissa, Door Guardian


Gerry Lehrburger: WellSprings Owner, OAK Temple Director

Xuba Evaristo:  OAK Temple Co-Director

Tony Corsini:  Goddess Temple and OAK Temple Co-Founder, Stone Mason, Artist

Suma Shankara:  Ceremonialist, Grounds Assistant, OAK Co-Founder

Daniel Reif: Landscaper, Temple Rose Gardener 

Heath Hartman:  Gardener, Herbalist 

Jordan Varvais:  Black Acorn Caterer, Ceremonialist, Stone Wizard

Andrew Hanuman: Musician, Cacao Priest, Ultimate Dad to Anjali

Peter Dejong:  Carpenter

Andre van Schalkwyk:  Mythic Beetender