2020 date TBA

 This is an intimate, but larger scale ceremonial event for women who walk or are called to the Priestess Path. The Convergence has proven to be a flawless, inclusive, and deeply true homecoming for all who join - we would love to welcome you Home here, too.  


Although aspects of our 2020 Convergence will not come into full focus for some months yet, this gathering will still be an offering of the most refined and potent Medicines we have cultivated here at the Goddess Temple of Ashland, including: 


Ritual Immersion in the sacred spring (Mikvah) 

Honoring Ceremony  

Priestess Arts 

 Sacred Dance Initiation

Oracular Attunement

and omni-faith, all-generations Sisterhood  


Neither a conference, nor a festival, nor a jumble of amazing workshops........this is a true convergence of priestesses - equal in regard, from initiates just responding to the Call, to women decades along in the journey.  We come together to refine our priestess arts, receive purification, deepen our devotion, align to our integrity, and initiate into greater depth on the path.  


Together then, too, on our last day together we will create a Temple of Healing for our larger community, experiencing once again the ecstasy and deep peace it is to live, breathe, love and serve together in a Temple devoted to Her Remembrance and Her Beauty Way, honored and protected by the men, secure in a feminine lineage more ancient than time.  


Glimpses of Convergence 2016

The Priestess Convergence is generally a media-free event, and we don't allow cameras for most of our time together. However, we were graced to have Asya Tabdili with us on our last day (Sunday), when we opened to the public to offer community ceremony.  She captured a precious essence of our time together.

WHEN:  2020 date TBA

WHERE:  The ceremonial grounds of the Goddess Temple of Ashland

LIMITED TO: 24 women

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Camping on grounds in included, Thurs - Sun nights;

more luxury accomodations can be arranged separately

FOOD:  One large meal a day included, Friday - Sunday 

Please CONTACT Jumana for registration or questions at