. Priestess College .

Primal, Practical, Passion for bringing the Sacred to Life

Remembering the Primal Medicine Within



We begin our Priestess College with an understanding of what a Priestess means to us at the very core. We explore the root of what is deeply needed by the local community and extend that to the global community. 

What is witnessed, is an intrinsic need for connection, for the sacred to meet the profane, for the willingness to hold, release, devour, and restore. 

Our versatile Goddess Temple Community holds many talents, levels of experience, and a profound desire to grow. These tenants of truth have been gestating for 10 years, and it is time to birth even more of our visions into form. 

Each year we shall hold an Apprenticeship Training that walks the Path of Sacred Living through our Reblossoming Ceremony, Beltane, our Winter Temple Rest and Samhain Community Celebration.

Initiating you on the

Path of our Temple Lineage,

a diverse and enriching amalgamation of earth based spirituality practices that carry the codes of the 9 major thresholds of life will be explored with the Midwifing the Veils Training on Lago Atitlan, Guatemala, Central America.


Priestess College  Apprenticeship Training 


Fall and Spring Training Includes: 

Daily Devotion, Camping, Outdoor Shared Kitchen, Healing Mineral Springs,

Superfoods Morning Shake, and the Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living

Winter Training includes: 

Homemade Organic Vegan Meals, Fresh Pure Spring Water, 

Various Lodging Options, Field Trip Boat Fare, and Daily Cacao


ALL include: 

Priestess Etiquette, Ethics, and Social Responsibility

As well as, Elemental Attunement and Embodiment


SPRING 19 Days April 15 - May 3  ASHLAND, OREGON

 $1900 ~ 7 Spaces  still Available 

Primal Gathering to Learn and Practice the Sacred Arts 

~ Create your Bow and Arrow

~ Learn Tree Magick

~ Heal thru Song & Sound

~ Practice Spiritual Intimacy

~ Merge with Mycelium and Cacao

~ Engage in Ritual Theatre

~ Rebirth in Mineral Warm Springs

~ Craft your Medicine Rattle 

~ Remember Pixie Pagan Folk Dancing

~ Scry in the Womb Hut

~ Bleed in the Red Tent

~ Commune with the Honey Bees

~ Dig into Intuitive Herbalsm

~ Rebuild the Faery Ring

~ Birth Benevolent Dragons

~ Plant a Garden 

~ Receive from visiting Guest Instructors 

~ Blossom the Goddess Temple of Ashland 

~ Pollinate our annual 5 day Beltane Journey 

~ Brave a Symbolic Finger Tribal Tattoo

~ Dedicate to the Path of Sacred Living as Priestess of the Goddess


Shared Tent Camping, Daily Morning Superfood Shake, Group Soak/Sauna/Steam, and Mt. Shasta Adventure included. 


19 women 

19 days and nights 



To Register, Contact :  


Lady Graell




FALL 13 Days Oct 22 - Nov 3  ASHLAND, OREGON

$1300 ~ 13 Spaces Available 


Fire Making, Altar Building, Hecate Honor,

Herbal Crafting, Broom Making, Archery Practice,

Death Doulaship, Kitchen Witchery, Ganesha Puja, 

 Adornment Creating, Red Tent Activation, Song Catching,

Rebirthing Water Immersion Ceremony, Ritual Theatre, & Primitive Skills


Rest the Goddess Temple, Temple Melissae Shift, Shared Meal Prep, Elder Care



Folk Dance, Devotional Yoga with Sound Healing,

Mt Shasta Adventure, Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living


Samhain Community Celebration,

Temple Resting Ceremony

To Register, Contact :  


Lady Graell









$2200 ~ 22 Spaces Available DATE TBA


Tools to Priestess, attend, support, and serve as Guardian of the Gateways and Keeper of the Thresholds of 


First Blood

Divine Union









Community Caregiving

Environmental Activism 




Live in Community, Atitlan Field Trip Day, Daily Cacao Ceremony, 

Daily Yoga or Dance Classes, Guidebook for Priestessing the 9 Veils



Daily Transmissions

Evening Ceremonies

To Register, Contact :  


Lady Graell



Immersive three to five day trainings exploring and revitalizing Modern Knighthood.... 

In our 21st century world, what does it mean to be of service, to provide for the world, to be a guardian protector?

In the chaos of our world it’s more important than ever to reignite the flame of sacred masculine leadership.

This training is a journey into spiritual Knighthood. 

This collaborative experience will include meditation, primitive skills, story telling, interpersonal connection practices, sacred music, crafting magical tools and art, ceremony, nature connection, and plenty of personal time for reflection and contemplation on the land. 

In alignment to Priestess College graduation, the Knights will conclude their training in ceremony to honor the newly awoken Priestesses of the Goddess. 

Registration Contact:


Pan Williams





All proceeds are split betwixt the OAK and Goddess Temples.

Additional donations are encouraged as people are able.

Receiving Registration NOW for people identifying as Male.