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Priestess & Knights of the Goddess Immersion

A weekend rich with Connection and Practical Magick. 

Connect with the hearts of practicing Priestesses and Knights of the Goddess

Activate and accentuate your Intuitive skills

Learn Processional Temple Dance, Elemental Crafting, and Embodiment

Practice Devotional Yoga, Sacred Silence, Scrying, and Soul Writing

Deepen your Personal Practice and Path of Service.


Vision Quest TOGETHER


Commune and Merge with the Elements thru Co-Creative Ceremony.

Experience the Internal Alchemy of Self Acceptance.

Awaken your Gratitude, Authenticity, Honor, Creative Empowerment, and Ignite your Soul’s Purpose!


This expanded Heart immersion is profoundly Improvisational, as well as deeply rooted in Earth~based Spirituality. 


contact 541-601-8983 to be added to our List




“Of all the Priestess Trainings I have looked into, Graell's is truly the first that has melted into and imbued my heart core with the deepest most transcendent knowing and radiant Goddess love force!” Makia



“Graell is an explorer of the edges of things…always scouting the terrain of experience to see where it leads, so you understand what it means to come to a threshold, of any kind….it is the edge of the known; the place where the Unknown beckons…that she meets.” Nickki Lee Hill

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