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Practicing the living path of


Priestess and Knight of the Goddess


Heart Guided, Intuitive LearningCeltic Inspired

Experiential Goddess Remembrance




Reclaim your WILDNESS!


Join the rootsy and radical club of Elvyn family of the

Wood Barefoot and Naked.

Forage your food.

Light your fire.

Collect your water.

Presence and Breathe.

Presence and Sing.

Presence and Listen to the Stone in your Bone,

the River in your Blood,

the Wind in your Breath and the Fire in your Heart.


*Connect with the hearts of practicing Priestesses

and Knights of the Goddess


*Activate and accentuate your Intuitive skills


*Learn Processional Temple Dance, Elemental Crafting, and Embodiment


*Practice Goddess Yoga, Sacred Silence, Scrying,

& Writing from the Soul


*Deepen your Personal Practice and Path of Service.



The Goddess Temple of Ashland and the forest of Mt. Shasta hold an energetic blueprint of sacred enchantment and elemental empowerment for the Priestess AND Knight of the Goddess.


Graell Corsini, guides a deep, yet often playful,

immersion into the sea of your Soul.


Witness what rises to the surface.



$333- each weekend individually

Daylong Immersions

Prices Vary


*food, travel, field trip, lodging, and craft supplies not included

Deposit $55- nonrefundable/secures your place due ASAP

*payment plan or partial worktrade available



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