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Lady of the Wood and Water

b a d a s s Sister c a m p

FIREWOOD SHOUTOUT 😘Harmony Rose is our



The Archetype of Diana and Artemis holds the Lady of Communion with the essence of Wyld Nature.  

One who intends and one who empowers to benefit ALL.

She inspires the depths of your being to raise your Moon Bow and Hunt for your Authentic Sovereign s'Elf in the Wyld Woods of this world reflected by the Moon beams of your own subconscious, whilst lighting your way to live in the truth of every moment. 

What is asking to be revealed to find your androgynous authentic purpose? 

The Moon Bow and Sharp Arrow of Diana and Artemis shall set your Aim. 


to express your WYLD SELF

Diana Nemorensis, Diana of Nemi

Diana of the Wood

Her Sanctuary was at the North Shore of Lake Nemi, Italy, beneath the cliffs of the City of Nemi.

The Lake is referred to (by Poets) as "speculum Dianae"

...Diana's Mirror

Speculum- open to see 

Dianae- DNA

...Mirror of your Insides!

Diana, Artemis, Lady of the Forest, Diana, Artemis, Lady of the Wood. Guide my Arrow, my focus and direction, guide by

purpose with strength of Robyn Hood!


Please join us to share in

Archery, Water Ceremony, Camping, Adornment Crafting, Hiking, Foraging, Drumming,

Fire Tending, and


Dates TBA

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