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Journey to Avalon

A loving sacred trek with Priestess Graell 

You have been beckoned for a memorable and empowered journey to the Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, England. 


Part voyage, part initiation, this transformative 13 day adventure will be focused on the 

Goddess activating the creative empowerment that resonates within your inner Priestess, 

finding your own Grail, our body as temple, the Glastonbury land as temple and then merging with the

highlight of the journey, celebrating Imbolc, the Celtic Cross Quarter Holy Day of the luminous Goddess Brigit, 

Lady of the British (Bridie’s) Isles.

 Graell Corsini, International Workshop Guide, Author, Ceremonial Artist, and Creatrix of the Priestess and Knights of the Goddess Training of Ashland, the AvaSha Clan of Mt. Shasta, Founder and Co-Director of the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon.



January 26-Feb 7, 2016

9 spaces available

Reserve your space before the 








Each day we will be guided by Graell and will begin with a visit to the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, 

followed by a visit to a sacred site, where we will connect deeply thru silence, ceremony, and fun! 


On various days we will be joined by Avalonian Priestesses who shall guide us in themed

experiences to support our exploration of our empowered self and connection to the land

and memory of our past times in Avalon.


Jan 26  

Priestess of Avalon Evening Gathering at The King Arthur’s Pub


Jan 27 

Chalice Well Gardens and Red Spring Ceremony with Priestess Graell


Jan 28 

White Spring Sacred Waters Immersion Ceremony with Priestess Anna-Saqqara

 Jan 29 

Climb The Tor Initiation with Priestess Graell and evening Red Tent Gathering at the

Glastonbury Goddess Temple


Jan 30 

Visit and pray at The Abbey Ruins


Jan 31 

Attend and communally participate in the Glastonbury Goddess Temple Imbolc Ceremony


Feb  1 

Attend and communally participate in the White Spring Imbolc Ceremony


Feb  2 

Learn more about Bridget with Priestess Marion


Feb  3 

Open your ceremonial voice in Sacred Song Ceremony with Priestess Tegwyn


Feb  4 

Rise early for the Shekinashram: Arati, Kirtan, Bellydance, and Ashram lunch


Feb  5 

Celebrate the Sacred and the Sexual Goddess Rhiannon Workshop with Priestess Katinka


Feb  6 

Serve as a Temple Melissae for the day at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple 


Feb  7 

Amplify your Empowerment Ceremony with Priestess Louisa


Schedule subject to change…with a lot of wonderful spontaneity and magick interwoven. 







We will visit the cherished healing waters of Chalice Well Gardens, where the Red Mead of

Morgen La Fey,


Queen of the Faeries flows, and then to the beloved White Spring "cave", gateway to Gwyn ap Nudd,

King of the Fey, whom resides within the Glastonbury Tor. 


We will walk up the breast of the Goddess, the mysterious and pulsing Tor, whilst remembering our lives as Priestesses, when the Isle's levels were surrounded by the sea, and a great stone circle was atop.  We will frolic into the Tor’s Faery Forest to meet the Dryads, the Spirits of the trees.  


We will bimble down the High Street, Glastonbury's very own Diagon Alley of the Harry Potter series,

and fly in and out of Witch shops, glide in and out of chapels, churches, the nurturing Glastonbury Goddess Temple, the Krishna and Amma devoted ShekinAshram, and the Abbey of the famed  book, “The Mists of Avalon”, where the remains of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere are said to be buried.


As a seasoned visitor, guest instructor for 7 Summers, ceremonialist, and performer of the International Goddess Conference of Glastonbury, Graell has befriended many beautiful

and talented locals who will join in creating a unique and magykal pilgrimage dedicated to the Goddess and the Way of the Mists.


Ceremonies celebrating the Goddess of Flame, Springs, Midwifery and Poetry~Brigid, 

Connecting with the Nine Morgan’s of Avalon, Reclaiming Rhiannon~the Goddess of Love and Sacred Sexuality, plus Goddess in the Landscape excursions, will weave in and out of devotional chanting,

Celtic dancing, shamanic sharing, and a few days of free integration time.


The entire town of Glastonbury is built around the sacred, it is enchanting, magickal, and stirring.


If you plan to arrive early, or stay later you can include these EXTRAS to your journey outside of Glastonbury: visits to Stonehenge, Avebury, Wells Cathedral, the Thermae Bath Spa,

Four Hands Massage, Saqqara Healing Sessions and more! 


Glastonbury is a very walkable town, with bus and taxi service, and centralized to many sacred sites.  Official tours to places out side of Glastonbury can be personally made by you thru the local Glastonbury businesses.       or







January 26-Feb 7, 2016

9 spaces available

Reserve your space before the 



Graell Tour Fee: $555

*includes all guidance in 9 days/evenings of 

group experiences with Graell and Guest Facilitators


Transportation, food, and lodging not included


Deposit Fee secures place: $333 non-refundable

money order or check to RoseMary Amantia or 

PayPal to accepted

Balance due in full to Graell by 

Winter Solstice, 2015


*you must accept all responsibility for yourself, your choices, and your intended or un-intended actions. 

Please make arrangements for your own insurance.


Airfare, lodging, food, ground transportation, EXTRAS, and amenities are not included.



Graell shall arrange affordable lodging with 

Priestess of Avalon Sisters, and other friendly Avalonians, and send you a list of choices when deposit is received. 



Airfare suggestion: 

fly direct into London, then transfer to another flight to Bristol, UK, otherwise you will need to take a long bus or train ride from London. An easy cab ride from Bristol with a wonderful view of the country side and villages will take you into Glastonbury. 


***Please view this option to donate for the health of our Environment:

for an effective and easy way to offset the 

carbon emissions of your flight.***







“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you, 

Don’t go back to sleep.

You must ask for what you really want.

Don’t go back to sleep.

People are going back and forth across the doorsill, where the worlds touch. 

The door is round and open.

Don’t go back to sleep.






Now it is time to ride the Dragon lines to the shores of Avalon. 

Remember the language of  the 

Staff, Chalice, Sword, and Stone.

The land of the Mists awaits you. 

Feel the breath of Her on your skin.

Hear the Mythic Invocations.

Be the Planetary Acupuncture.

Allow the Womb Flowering.

Trust, Journey, Beeleave, and Thrive




In love and devotion,



541-601-8983 text best***







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