Upcoming Herbal Crafting Immersions are TBD due to our current 2020 Global Reset. We hope to gather in the gardens of the Goddess as soon as we are able.





Goddess Temple Priestess & Herbalist


Jillian MacKenzie Bowman


Mama Gaia is abundant with ancient, living beings quietly waiting for us to open the portal of communication between us. In the Forests, Meadows, Creeks, Mountains, Deserts and Valleys, collecting the sunshine and rain, exists a realm of pure vibration & planetary healing intention. Ancient teachers who have witnessed humanities growth and societal shifts, beckon to us with gentle whispers to remember a time when we communed in harmony with the earth and called Plants our allies instead of weeds.  Under old growth trees, high up on hills and scattering the damp forest floors is a deeply connected and intertwined ecosystem of medicine and magick. From Fungi to Fruits, our Plantcestors have wild intelligence and wisdom to share if we can only listen.



At the Goddess Temple, we have an abundance of plant allies and beautiful gardens to activate with and learn from. Herbal Crafting and the weaving of plants into sacred medicine for the body is a birthright for humans everywhere! 

During our Herbal Crafting Immersions we will explore how to Commune with Plants as Teachers, Forge deep bonds with these allies and the earth, weave them with consent & respect into herbal formulas, smoke clearing medicines, teas, oils and body adornments. Together we will tap into these ecosystems of wild intelligence and offer ourselves in service to Her. As children of the Goddess it is our duty to tend to this earth & foster loving connections with our plant kin. 


As a Priestess & Herbalist, Hedgewitch and Faerie, Jillian's work is one of wild remembering, plancestral healing & deep earth magick. She practices the old ways of medicine making,  with radical softness and fierce grace. Jillian is a self-taught herbalist whose studies are ever-expanding and infinite. She intuitively channels plant medicines for the collective & in service to the Womb & Earth. In her herbal apothecary she alchemizes plant allies for feminine health, emotional tending & spiritual activation. Jillian and her family make their nest in the North Carolina Mountains, where they live tiny and close to the earth.

Jillian offers private consultations via phone and video for navigating topics such as :

- Communicating with & choosing a Plant Ally

- Herbs and Feminine Health
- Yoni Steaming Consultations

- Herbs for Menstrual & Cycle Health

- Herbal Support during Pregnancy, Postpartum, Miscarriage & Pregnancy Release 

- Plants as Spirit Teachers

.. and much more.


You can connect with her here:

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To Book a Session Please Contact through Instagram or  at Jillian@wombandearth.com