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"Guidebook to the Path of Sacred Living"

A Self Study Initiating Guidebook and Three Moon E-course for

Priestess and Knights of the Goddess






















This Online Guidebook gives you the gift of learning at your own pace, with optional pilgrimages to the sacred sites at Glastonbury of England,

Mt. Shasta of California, and Ashland of Oregon.


Graell's energy is one of Bridging.

Bridging the lands of Avalon, Lemuria, Ashlandia, and Cornwall have been her most recent Avatar Missions. Her chalice receives the Divine nectar of the heart and pours it out to nourish and quench the thirst of many. Learn practical and magickal ways to live joyfully among mundane circumstances, and recognize the activated lightening rod you are; bridging the Galactic Heavens and the depths of the Earth.


This gift from the Goddess includes life transforming information on personal growth, guiding ceremony for self and community, building a relationship with bees, inspirational songs and poetry, divination, Kundalini Yoga,

and so much more. This online immersion is a guide for woman and men whom feel resonance with Serving a higher and expanded purpose, for those who desire closer connection to their heart, the elements, and the Goddess within.




"Thank you with all that I am, for creating space for us all to experience the perfect synchronicity of this blessed life, I will live this workshop! " ~Carissa DeAnna


"Graell touched me with her divine fierceness and raw truthfulness." 

~Nancy Kilham





*also includes Graell's

visually stunning and inspiring e-book

"Raising a Goddess Temple"

the HOW TO guide to raising a

Goddess Temple in your Community!


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