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Grandma Aggie Day

November 27



















We shall gather at the GrandMother Spring-

The sacred mother pool on West Jackson Road to the right of the entrance to the Back Meadow.

This holy water fills the WS hot tubs and swimming pool.


This Spring is dedicated to Agnes Pilgrim, Grandma Aggie.

who Crossed Over on

November 27, 2019.


Grandma was a First Nations spiritual Elder of the Takelma and she is the granddaughter of Jack Harney,

the first elected Chief of the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz. 

Grandma Aggie visited the WellSprings many times and

her spearhead fell into the Grandmother Spring

during a Water Blessing Ceremony...


The day after her death, Laura Carmody and Graell Corsini chanted Akal to the Spring to pray for

liberation for all the hearts affected by her death,

and to support her Soul’s liberation.

Graell heard Grandmother’s whisper to dedicate the Spring to her on the rising steam of the warm waters.

WellSprings owner Gerry Lehrburger,

Grandma Aggie’s daughter, and her niece approved. 

Each November 27 we sing and drum to the waters in honor of her life and all she shared to remind people of the Sacred Waters.

All are welcome to offer their voice and prayers through out the day. 


"We are all water babies. Water is our first Medicine."

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