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Goddess Yoga Facilitator Training

Oct 2-4

at the Goddess Temple of Ashland

*temple dome*


      Learn the flow of Elemental Medicine, Meditation, and Yoga that supports                   

inner personal growth and transformation on every level possible.


Practice creating your own inspired class guided by Intuitive awareness

and draw from Graell's wisdom of teaching and offering

Sacred Movement for 22 years.







Life changing, shapeshifting, non-linear, ultimately feminine, action driven masculine, deep soul nurturance, and clearly improvisational with a Goddess guided heart.


Please wear all white, bring journal, elemental altar items, food to share, drinking water, warm clothing, and musical instruments of your choice.


Friday 7-9pm

Saturday 10:30am-7pm

Sunday 10:30-4pm



Cost: $333




Pre-registration $111 required by Sept 22

Balance of $222 due Oct 2

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