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Greetings family of the Goddess, 

It is through deep devotion, 

I tend the path, I hold the mirror, and 

I embody the chalice, 

whilst lighting the way for you to find your authentic connection to the Goddess within and in the environment all around you.

My life is propelled by Vision and Presence, which has allowed unyielding trust in the Divine, creating stillness and clear transmission, followed by instant action.

My personal experiences have granted me the courage to Mother an empowered Daughter, create two Goddess Temples, raise two Stone Circles, and author four educational empowerment tool resources:

Mama Magick, Raising a Goddess Temple,

Priestess and Knights of the Goddess Guidebook for the Path of Sacred Living, and Goddess Sadhana.


As Priestess of the Goddess, Ritual Theatre Director, International Workshop Guide, Devotional Singer & Dancer, and practicing Birth & Death Attendant, the wisdom sharings offered here illuminate your Soul, creating safety and space to begin your day walking the True Beauty Path. 

Welcome home to the way of the Goddess.


In Love and Devotion, 

Graell Brave Dryad




Welcome to your 

Goddess Sadhana Guide


Sadhana translates to Daily Spiritual Practice. 

It is the baseline for embodying the 

Path of Sacred Living.


Sadhana clears your consciousness and supports you to connect deeply within. 


Begin your day with respect and honor for self and spirit, while creating strength and vibrance in 

your entire being.


Remember, every challenge becomes an                       

opportunity to grow, I encourage you to meet this challenge and thrive. 


If you have a particular goal or something positive 

that you would like to “moonifest” into your life, choosing to commit to a forty day 

Sadhana is an excellent way to 

clear the path to 

reach your desired goal.





To begin your Sadhana experience, it is very supportive to awake in time to prepare for your early morning practice. 

Ideally, beginning between the hours of 4 and 7a.m. (which is considered the “Ambrosial Hours” and the supreme nectar time to connect). 

When the sun is cresting the final 3 hours of darkness, there is a closeness to God that seeps into your inner knowing. At this potent bridge of timelessness, your commitment is amplified, your stillness held, and relationship with the everything of all expands. 

In-between the doorways of night and day is the realm of transcendence. Sadhana is Self~Victory that builds strength and endurance to create victorious experiences in your life!




With honor and grace prepare for this tithe to your Soul:


*Awake to a lovely sounding alarm, sit up immediately in bed and begin rotating your torso 8x to the left, 8x to the right

* Breath of Fire is incredibly helpful to awaken your physical and emotional self. Inhale deep, then rapidly inhale/exhale thru your nose, while pumping your belly (push abdomen OUT on inhale, and pull belly IN on exhale) *Mooning and Pregnant Womyn, please refrain, and do long slow deep breathing

*Brush your teeth and tongue

*Rub your skin with coconut or almond oil

*Enjoy a short cold shower, rubbing your body vigorously (this stimulates your immune system, increases circulation, relieves depression, and supports your energy levels)

*Dry with a towel, again rubbing your body vigorously

*Wear beautiful, comfortable, and honoring clothes (preferably white)

*Bring to your altar: a shawl or head and neck covering, yoga mat, pillow, blanket, or lambskin for comfortable seating



Enter into your Sadhana space in total reverence. This is a gift to your Higher Self, a tithe to your Soul, to the Goddess for all She graciously gives, and to G>O>D the Generator, Organizer, and Destroyer of all. 


Gracefully sit, bringing all parts of yourself to Center, breathe long and slow and deep.


*Press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, close your eyelids and direct your internal eyes up to your third eye. 

Visualize a beam of light streaming into your crown to the center of your brain where your left and right brain hemispheres meet, 

now send the beam of light out of your 3rd Eye. 

This activity awakens the Throne of your Intuition. The Pituitary, Hypothalamus, and Pineal Glands shall Serve you. This is the Eye of Horus. This is the sight of God. You will Serve your Throne of God by doing this Sadhana.



Brush your hair (with a wooden brush), slowly, and lovingly. If you are sharing Sadhana with your Beloved, this is a powerful bonding exercise. Taking turns, brush the hair all the way forward, all the way over to each side, then all the way back. Gently kiss the neck of your Beloved and trade places. 


Calling forth, appreciating & acknowledging the Elements:

Create a simple Elemental Altar in honor of our sacred earth, breath (air), sun (fire), and water that is constantly providing our lives with physical and emotional nourishment. 


This is a time to fully engage in the depth of your connection to the Elements being a direct part of you. Stone in your bone, river in your blood, wind in your breath and fire in your heart. 


How you connect with each element is your choice and is a very personal practice. This is an opportunity for you to discover your own thread in the fabric of creation. 


Some suggestions for your Altar:

Earth-  Himalayan salt crystals (for receiving a taste); soil; personally collected stones; crystals; bone; pentacle 

Water- fresh or collected sacred water (perhaps for anointing or drinking); ceremonial chalice

Fire- candle (preferably beeswax); wand

Air- individual feathers or fan; smudge with sage or incense; ceremonial sword or dagger

Spirit- photos or expressions of personal Angels, Guides, and Guru’s














Gently sit in Easy Pose, with legs crossed, spine straight, and bring your hands to Heart Mudra: Touch all finger tips together, with thumbs directed towards your Heart Center. Now bend middle and ring finger in and down for their knuckles to press together, the pinkies and the pointers remain pressed and pointing up, thumb tips touching. Look and see the heart at the center of the Mudra. Bring close into the Heart, with thumbs touching the center of the chest. 


Find within you an aspect of the Goddess that feels resonate with how you are feeling, and invoke her by name 3x

ie: Isis, Hecate, Kali, Inanna, Lakshmi, Mary Magdalene, Gaia, Brigit, Quan Yin

or if there is not a particular Goddess you regularly choose to connect with then you may simply chant Goddess three times, long and slow, with reverent intention.  Allowing the feeling of the Divine Feminine receptive energy to flood your body.


Now include an aspect of God that you resonate with, and invoke by name three times.

ie: Pan, Kernunos, Shiva, Ganesha, Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Oden, Zeus

or if there is not a particular aspect God you regularly choose to connect with then you may

simply chant God three times, long and slow, with reverent intention. Allowing the feeling and the power of the Divine Masculine and the active energy to penetrate your cells. 



Mudra Dance:

Beginning at the 2nd Chakra (the Svadhisthana Chakra located at the Pelvic Center), weave hands in a DNA pattern raising them up to the sky, open wide in Victory Pose, bring wrists together into Chalice Mudra, cross wrists with palms facing front, then basket weave fingers,  draw hands under and toward the Heart Center, open fingers and blossom them out, slide hands into Pyramid Mudra with palms forward, then flip fingers down and move the palms now facing to the Root Chakra, holding the Yoni Mudra now ascend all the way up thru the Chakras till above the head, open arms wide to the 

Cosmos, bring hands together in Prayer Pose above the Crown, descend to the Heart, push out forward and separate hands to open wide, elbows bend, wrists bent, palms face out to sides. 

Speak loud and clear: All Strands DNA Activated Now!



For 22 years Kundalini Yoga has consistently changed my life for the better. Through attending classes, workshops, video screenings, Women’s Camp, White Tantric Yoga, and enjoying many books focused on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, I have chosen to include this empowering, healing, and revitalizing yoga practice with Goddess Sadhana. I continually am inspired to improve my day to day choices that rotate around food, exercise, relationship, and creativity with this yoga. Every part of my life has been positively and deeply influenced by Kundalini Yoga. I want to share this joy with the world! 


You are welcome to choose any yoga practice that feels comfortable and stimulates your Goddessence. Please warm-up your body the best way you know how. 


Kundalini Yoga Kriya,

as taught by Yogi Bhajan for Morning Sadhana, 1971


Tune in:

Rub the palms of your hands together, and press into Prayer Pose, then bring Mudra to your heart center.



 Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo  3x

Translation: I call in the infinite creative consciousness that takes one from darkness to light. Transparent, non-physical. 

I call on the Divine Teacher, the Universal Wisdom.



   Aad Guray Nameh

  Jugaad Guray Nameh

  Sat Guray Nameh

  Siri Guru Dayvay Namay  3x

Translation: I bow to the Primal Wisdom, I bow to the Wisdom thru the ages, I bow to True Wisdom, I bow to the great transparent Wisdom Within. 


*This yoga set includes Stretch, Mudra, Mantra, and two specific breaths:


Long Slow Deep Breathing- inhale deeply thru the nose, push the belly out, exhale completely thru the nose, pull the belly in and repeat. 


Breath of Fire- same as above, yet fairly rapid. The breath is balanced and synchronized with the pulling in and releasing of the naval. If you are pregnant or on your first 3 days of your Moon, please refrain from Breath of Fire and do Long Slow Deep Breathing instead. 


Below is a general description of the Kriya (exercise set). 

Please learn from a Kundalini Yoga Instructor to experience the complete details of each exercise listed. 


3 min. Cat Cow come onto your hands and knees, inhale, arch the spine, exhale flex in the opposite direction. End: inhale in cow, hold 10 sec, exhale.


30x each side. Cow Kicks: remaining on hands and knees, inhale raise one leg, exhale bring knee to the nose. End: inhale, extend leg, hold 10 sec. relax, and switch sides. 


1 min. Sitting on your heels in Rock Pose,  Hugging Spinal Bend: (cross your arms and hold your elbows) Bend side to side. Inhale bend, exhale come back to center. End: inhale, hold, exhale, relax. 


60x Sit in Easy Pose (with your legs bent and  crossed), Spinal Twist: raise your arms up in L shape, elbows parallel to the ground, hands are in Gyan Mudra (forefinger and thumb tip pressed), Eyes are focused at your 3rd eye, inhale twist L, exhale twist R. End: inhale center, exhale, relax.


108x Spinal Flex sit again in Rock Pose, hands on thighs, eyes focused at your 3rd Eye, inhale arch forward, lift your heart, exhale reverse arch, tuck in, chin to chest. End: come center, inhale pull root, diaphragm, and neck locks 10 sec. then relax and meditate internally inhale Sat, exhale Nam 30 sec.


30x Stand up Front Bend raise arms above head, hook thumbs, spread the fingers, lift the heart, stretch back, then swing forward to the ground. End: inhale arms up, exhale stretch forward for 30 sec


2min. Sit with legs out, Life Nerve Straddle Stretch: now seated, stretch legs open wide, inhale torso up, exhale torso stretches over to your foot, and switch sides.


1 min. Wider Straddle, repeat as above.


1min. Center Straddle Stretch hold the toes, with your thumb~ press the big toe’s nail (stimulating the Pituitary Gland), inhale up, exhale stretch down.


1min. Center Breath Stretch continue holding toes, stretch forward and center, hold center, and begin long slow deep breathing.


1 min. Butterfly: bring the soles of your feet together, knees wide, hold the toes, inhale raise the knees, exhale release knees down, raise and release rapidly with a large full range of motion.


1 min. Butterfly Bow: remain in same posture, inhale with a straight spine, then exhale bend forward, as far as you can reach your forehead to the ground, without your buttocks lifting. End: relax on back.


24x Pelvic Lift: lay on your back, knees bent, hold the ankles, and inhale lifting your pelvis to the sky, exhale descending slowly down. End: inhale, raise hips up, hold 10 sec., exhale, relax.


2 min. Piston Legs: remain on back, inhale, bring one knee in, while other leg is extended, and exhale, switch. Continue at your own pace. End: inhale, both legs out and lifted above ground, toes pointed, hold 10 sec, exhale, relax.


1 min. Corpse: comfortably lay on your back, and consciously circulate the energy cultivated. 


1 min. Rock and Rolls: tuck your knees up to your chest, hold your legs and rock back & forth massaging your spine. 

3 min. Cobra or Sphinx: lay on your belly, gently press up, shoulders dropped, relax lower back and buttocks, and do Breath of Fire. End: open eyes, inhale twist and look at your heels, hold 15 sec, exhale, switch sides, repeat 2x, inhale center, hold 15 exhale, relax.


1 min. Yoga Mudra: sit on your heels, forehead to the ground, interlace fingers behind you, lift arms up overhead, and begin Long Slow Deep Breathing.


1 min. Spinal Rotations: inhale, rotate your torso around to the front, exhale as you come around back, go at a speed that Serves you. 

1 min. Reverse Direction.


1 min. Arm Swings: place your elbows at the sides, inhale swing arms up, exhale swing elbows down and back, inhale swing arms to cross 

in front of chest, exhale elbows back. (alternate what arm is in front for each time you cross). End: inhale elbows back, heart lifted, hold 10 sec.


108x Shoulder Shrugs lift and drop the shoulders with a powerful breath.


1 min. Neck Rolls: inhale as you rotate your head around back, exhale as you rotate your head around forward.

1 min. Reverse Direction.


70x Arm Pump with Venus Lock sit on heels, eyes focused at the 3rd eye, interlace the fingers, stretch arms out front, elbows straight, inhale arms up, exhale arms down, (like a chopping wood motion).


1 min. Arm Stretch with Inverted Basket: remaining in above posture, raise arms over Crown Chakra, invert your mudra, so palms are now facing to the Sky. Focus on your Crown, begin Breath of Fire. End: inhale, hold, focus at the Crown, exhale, relax.


1 min. Meditate sit cross legged, place one hand on top of the other, palms up, on the lap, inhale, silently chant Sat, exhale, silently chant Nam (Truth is my Identity), and consciously expand your Aura.

Chant or speak slowly and reverently: 

(Snatam Kaur has a lovely recorded version of this)








This concludes the Kundalini Yoga Kriya given by Yogi Bhajan. 


Optional Add on’s to your Goddess Sadhana:


Har- creates infinite flow of abundance.

Sit cross legged, bring elbows close to your sides and hands in front of your chest, strike the outer sides of your hands together with palms up, then flip hands over and strike along the length of your pointer fingers, palms are down, the L thumb naturally moves into the space between the R pointer and R thumb. Chant Har (har actually sounds a bit like “hud”) with the tongue striking the roof of the mouth, each time you chant Har the naval pulls in and up then releases. Eyes are slightly open and are focused at the tip of the nose. Chant for 3-11 minutes.



Sat Siri Siri Akal, Siri Akal, Maha Akal, Maha Akal, Sat Nam, Akal Moorat, Wahe Guru- brings liberation and inner listening to your own voice.

Sit cross legged, place your hands over your ears, with your elbows bent and up, with the thumbs stretched forward under the jawbone, eyes closed, pull up the naval and with words of the mantra, try to hear your inner voice. End: inhale deeply, hold, press your ears as hard as you can, Exhale, Repeat. Inhale deeply again, hold and keep hands over ears, rock the body from side to side 2-3 x, relax. Chant 3 minutes.


Archer Pose- increases inner and outer stamina and strength.

From a standing position, lunge forward with your R foot front, toes straight forward, knee bending directly over the toes, and your L foot behind and turned out. Pull the L arm back (like pulling the string of a bow), elbow is parallel to the ground, and R arm is stretched and straight forward. Hands are in fists, with the thumbs pointing straight up to the sky. Heart is lifted, spine is straight, eyes are focused out past the front thumb. Begin Long Slow Deep Breathing and 

Chant Internally: I am Strong, I am Powerful, I am Graceful or create your own empowering Mantra to repeat. Change sides. 

This exercise strengthens the nervous system, builds power in the legs and naval, opens the hips, allows for deep core strength, builds courage, and balances calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium in your body. 

3 minutes on each side 


Mala Affirmation- using prayer beads stimulates the nervous system and brain while reprograming your thought paths to the positive. 

Begin with a 108 bead Mala (similar to Rosary beads). Preferably create the Mala yourself, and speak aloud as you press each bead:  “I love you”. Speak this statement reverently to your heart, let yourself receive this time of self cultivation and adoration. 



Long Deep Relaxation for 11 minutes!

Laying down or in a comfortable seated position, breathe deep, and with each exhale allow your entire being to relax. Let this be your integration time. Visualize each body part softening and receiving love. Visualize your entire being glowing in healthy, golden, protective light. 


Awaken and Return: 

Slowly stretch your body, rotating your hands and ankles, stretching your arms over head, and do any personal stretches that feel wonderful for you to fully return back into your body. 


Bring your knees to your chest, give your legs a great hug in gratitude of how amazing your body is. 


Hold onto your legs and rock side to side, then front and back at least 3x, then up to your feet, and sit cross legged. 



Sadhana Closing:

Speak aloud and with great strength~

I welcome the Goddess to emerge from deep within my core. I honestly explore my Inner Landscape 

and celebrate all parts of myself. 

I rise in love with the magnificent possibilities 

available within. 

I trust in the magickal and mysterious places inside of me, the sacred places that nurture my soul and 

make me whole. 

Past, present, and future align to bring me into the success of every moment.

I am an avatar who radiates light and I am magnetic. 

When I walk into a room all people feel my presence. 

I hold power and I hold softness at the same time. 

I am inspirational and I am encouraging. 

I am courageous. I am compassionate. I am unique.

I flow with life in effortless grace. 

I heal with my eyes or a gentle touch of my hand.

I have potent sexual energy. 

I have a body that I adore and it shows by the way 

I comfortably live and move in it. 

I cherish my body. 

 I am sensual and erotic. 

I engage in sexual union as my way to share with another in touching the Divine. 

I am compassionate and wise. 

I am a seeker of Truth and care deeply about honesty.

I choose to reach higher, expand further and inspire with love and authenticity.

I attract beings whom reflect conscious communication, understand the depth of my love, and can recognize that, together, our pure love and consistent support can be totally healing of any wounds. 

I accept and celebrate myself and the life I have co-created. I am fully capable to ask for help when I need it, and fully capable to give help when asked. 

I respect boundaries, my own, and other’s. 

I am willing and able to see Creator in another’s eyes, and Creator within my own. I am an evolved human who takes responsibility for everything I experience in my life. 

I am totally supportive and giving. 

I receive with ease and grace. 

All that I need is always taken care of. I am forever safe. I am an embodiment of the Goddess.


~I am Valuable. I am Worthy. I am Divine~
















Choosing to commit to a Spiritual Daily Practice (Sadhana) for 40 days brings great results. I highly recommend you experiment and reap the deep benefits. 

In Love and Devotion, Graell Corsini


Deep Gratitude to these bee-ings who have buzzed me to remember my truth, my path, 

my way of the Goddess.


 Kundalini Yoga


Glastonbury Goddess Temple Kathy Jones


13 Moon Oracle Ariel Spilsbury


Goddess Temple of Ashland


 Divine Thanks to my Mother, RoseMary Amantia, who introduced me to prayer, meditation, and Kundalini Yoga. 

Special Adoration to Suma Shankara, 

who beautifully supports my personal growth, creativity, and Goddess devotion.

Deep gratitude to Angela Jeanne Hartnett for her true loyalty and honoring the sacred Mysteries of the Sisterhood, revealed consistently within our relationship. 

Loving Acknowledgement to Nickki Lee Hill, 

my personal Planetary Merlyna.


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