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Chivalry and the Beast

a men's exploratory day-long with Priestess Graell

Yes! Suma Shankara rocked it at Archery

Priestess Graell has an innate wisdom to hold the Men in a very safe and clean energy container. 

Experimental and Exploratory subjects to discover: 

~5 Love Languages

~Knight's Code

~Solar King/Lunar Queen

~Maturity of the King

~Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

~Venus on Fire, Men on Ice

~Men at the Foundation of the Temple

~Krishna, the Rock Star

~Emmasculation, Circumcision, and Erectile Dysfunction

~Salves for the Mother Wound

2010 - present

Priestess Graell shall guide you thru the ceremony of

Pulling the Sword from the Stone, the Hero's Journey, and

exploring the dichotomy of the Knight in Shining Armor and the Wild Man of the Wood. 

Group and Festival Workshops are given yearly.

Please contact Priestess Graell for booking: 541-601-8983

2010 - present

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