July 12, 2019

Does your cup runneth over? Do you have the urge to share? 

We are fully aware of how much "out there" needs support, and we are doing all we can to heal "in here" so we can assist "out there" from a whole and grounded space. 

Please consider researching and supporting t...

February 25, 2019

Dearest Family of the Goddess,

Thank you for this opportunity to commune with you and your generosity to grant those in need with extra funds for phenomenal projects. 

We call forth your attention to midwifing the gestation of a Priestess College, that shall focus on Mid...

MARK YOUR CALENDARS for Moon'day Long Transmissions at the Goddess Temple of Ashland, Oregon!

Liberating the Priestess June 3

Transformation of the Sacred Wife, Nun, and Whore.

Red Tent Priestess Portal July 1

Shed what no longer serves and claim what has always been yours...

I write here to remind myself of what I already know. I quote here what I wish I had the time and energy to have written myself. I recite here in honor of Azra and Seren Bertrand who had the courage to write such a brilliant book:


Initiatory Wisdom from...

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